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I had our 2nd baby 7 months ago.

When I started my workout routine again, 6 weeks postpartum, it was quite challenging!

I worked out the entire time I was pregnant, however, my body had just gone through quite the transformation and I had taken about 6 weeks off, so it was definitely a wake up call.

I was much weaker, slower, more out of breath, and stiffer than I expected to be. I got FRUSTRATED.

During my first postpartum workout, when I had a hard time doing overhead presses with really small weights, I almost wanted to stop completely.

Then I remembered: EVERYONE has to start somewhere.

Expecting to get right back into it with the same strength and stamina that I had before is like expecting my grass to be perfect and green on the first day of spring! It’s unrealistic.

I didn’t stop that workout because I made a commitment.

I had made a commitment to myself that I was going to start my workout program and I was going to keep going, no matter what.

I know that working out consistently and at my own pace is going to help me to be a better Mom for Chloe & Quinn, a better wife, a better example for my family & friends, a better leader for our team, and just better overall for ME.

Have you ever listened to the radio station WIIFM?

WIIFM stands for “What’s In It For Me?”

It’s ok to be a little bit selfish and ask yourself that question.

If you’re not currently exercising consistently, or you kind of only have one toe dipped into the water but you’re not really all in, what is in it for YOU?

What’s in it for you to exercise and move your body consistently?

What’s in it for you to start, or to keep going, no matter where you’re at right now?

I’m sharing this because we are each running our own race.

It’s easy to compare ourselves to other people who seem to have it all together, or we can compare ourselves to who we were years ago, before kids and other life changes.

When we do that, quitting seems like an option because we are shooting for something unattainable and unrealistic.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • One year from now, do I want to regret quitting, or never even starting in the first place? Or do I want to be PROUD OF MYSELF for being consistent, week in and week out? Even if it’s just doing SOMETHING?
  • What is in it for me to follow through with this?

Don’t compare yourself to ANYONE.

Do the best YOU can do and, even if you’re not where you want to be right now, you lose NOTHING by following through!

You owe it to yourself to feel great and to show yourself what you’re capable of!

Feel free to respond to this and let me know what your goals are, what is holding you back, or what you’re excited about. We are here for you!!

Thank you for taking the time to read this!!- Mandy Webb, KW Fitness Co-Owner