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Look Better, Feel Better & Start Enjoying Life

Personalized exercise, guidance and accountability.

Changing your exercise and nutrition habits can feel impossible.

You’ve tried walking, Weight Watchers, Keto etc. and now are not sure what will work or where to start.

You’re going through or have gone though health issues like menopause, have some joint issues, had cortisone shots and are tired of doing it this way – it doesn’t work.


Here’s How To Get Started


Step 1

Request more info

Step 2

We’ll reach out to you for a 5 minute discovery call

Step 3

Meet with a member of our team for a 30 minute consultation

Over the past decade, we have helped hundreds of women and men lose weight, feel and move better, so they can live their lives without limitations.

Before our clients start with us, they come in saying, “I am not a workout person” or “I’m not a gym person.”

Putting yourself first can seem impossible and keep you feeling stuck for years, believing you do not deserve to invest time, money, or energy in yourself.

With 2-locations, 7-full-time team members dedicated to you, we are the only place for women and men like you.

Here’s How You Will Get Results

Step 1

Show up to 2-3 (30-minute) sessions a week

Step 2

Complete your food log for yourself and your coach

Step 3

Review progress, celebrate wins and create new 4-week plan with your coach

KW Fitness is the only Private Personal Training and Nutrition Studio for men and women who don’t like the idea of going to a “typical gym”.

Unlike other facilities that pack classes and are lacking in support and accountability with programs that fail to deliver, KW Fitness helps each client improve their quality of life through safe, effective personal training and nutrition programs that are customized to each individual with guaranteed results.

We deliver health and fitness results that last a lifetime.

Founded in 2014, KW Fitness has helped thousands of women and men feel more confident, lose weight, gain energy and live healthier, more fulfilling lives. We are the only facility that knows how to take care of, and get results for those who are just getting started on their fitness journey.