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Personalized exercise, guidance and accountability.

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KW Fitness is the only Private Personal Training and Nutrition Studio for men and women don’t like the idea of going to a “typical gym”.

Unlike other facilities that pack classes and are lacking in support and accountability with programs that fail to deliver, KW Fitness helps each client improve their quality of life through safe, effective personal training and nutrition programs that are customized to each individual with guaranteed results.

We deliver health and fitness results that last a lifetime.

Founded in 2014, KW Fitness has helped thousands of women and men feel more confident, lose weight, gain energy and live healthier, more fulfilling lives. We are the only facility that knows how to take care of, and get results for those who are just getting started on their fitness journey.


Look no further! Get on the road to the BEST YOU today.

About KW Fitness

KW Fitness has been recognized by our clients for safe and effective personal training programs. Unlike other private gyms that pack classes and lack in support and accountability, our services focus on personalized, results-oriented programs based on your needs and abilities to guarantee the results you want with a positive atmosphere that keeps you motivated.

Our Services

KW Fitness is a one stop shop when considering getting into shape or becoming healthier. We offer both 1-1 Personal Training as well as Semi-Private Personal Training for Vestal and Fayetteville. All of our training programs also come with a personalized nutrition program.

Discovery Call

KW Fitness offers a variety of services to ensure that every client’s goals and needs can be met. Assessments, goal setting, strength and conditioning as well as weight loss programs are just a few of the services that we offer. Request your FREE Discovery Call Today.

Success Stories

"After having a hip replaced 2 years ago, I am finally feeling able to move without pain and I have more energy, and a desire to do more. If you're committed, join! You won't be disappointed. The trainers & support team are always there to give advice and help you as an individual"- Sandi, 69

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