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If you’re looking for help with weight loss, strength, better movement, and overall vitality in Vestal or Fayetteville, then look no further! KW Fitness and our acclaimed 1 to 1, partner and semi-private Personal training programs will help you achieve your goals.

We know how you feel about your current physique: unhappy with the pounds of extra weight you are carrying in all the wrong places, not motivated to move because you ache all over and frustrated because you are not as strong as you use to be. We know you may lack confidence, you feel constantly tired, irritable and moody or even depressed. We know that you have probably tried all the quick fix solutions, and they haven’t worked, have they?


Well, look no further, get on the road to the BEST YOU today!

About KW Fitness

KW Fitness has been recognized by our clients for safe and effective personal training programs. Unlike other private gyms that pack classes and lack in support and accountability, our services focus on personalized, results-oriented programs based on your needs and abilities to guarantee the results you want with a positive atmosphere that keeps you motivated.

Our Services

KW Fitness is a one stop shop when considering getting into shape or becoming healthier. We offer both 1-1 Personal Training as well as Semi-Private Personal Training for Vestal and Fayetteville. All of our training programs also come with a personalized nutrition program.

Free Consultation

KW Fitness offers a variety of services to ensure that every client’s goals and needs can be met. Assessments, goal setting, strength and conditioning as well as weight loss programs are just a few of the services that we offer.

Success Stories

"Very pleased with my results. Friendly, positive, clean environment. Terrific at helping keep me motivated to reach my goals." Sue S.

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