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One of our awesome clients, who happens to be 77 years young, told us that she ran into some former classmates recently. She mentioned that one of them was using a walker to get around, and the other one was on oxygen. She immediately said to herself “I can’t wait to get back to KW Fitness”!

She started being proactive about her health later on in life and it has made a huge difference in her overall well-being and confidence! Not to mention the difference it has made in the prevention of age-related, preventable disease.

If you know someone retiring soon, PLEASE share this with them! They say that the 2 most dangerous years of a human being’s life are: the year that they’re born, and the year that they retire.

Here are 7 Reasons Why Exercise Is So Important Before, During and After Retirement:

1) You will live longer

Leading a sedentary lifestyle is one of 10 leading causes of death and disability, according to the World Health Organization. The reason why retirement can be dangerous is because people tend to be more sedentary and less active.

2) Prevent falls

Improving bone density and muscle strength can reduce the risk of falling as we age, as well as improve balance.

3) Reduced risk of stroke or heart attack

Raising your heart rate from walking, resistance training, cycling, or even light housework will boost your overall health! It will also make you more aware of what kinds of foods you put into your body.

4) Better bone density

According to the National Osteoporosis Society, one in two women and one in five men will break a bone due to Osteoporosis! Being proactive and strengthening your bones by walking, jogging and strength training will make a tremendous difference in your bone strength!

5) Lower risk of developing Dementia

According to a recent study published Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, being sedentary in later years can increase the risk of developing dementia. During this study, over 1600 adults over 50 were analyzed and they found that those who did not exercise were more likely to develop dementia than those who did.

6) Prevent or delay disease

Studies have proven that people with arthritis, heart disease or diabetes benefit from regular activity. It can also help in the management of high cholesterol!

7) More years of independence

Regular resistance training and exercise leads to improvements in functional reach and balance, and builds confidence & independence. Which elderly person would you rather be; the one who needs help up and down of the toilet?! Or the one who can be independent and take care of themselves for as long as possible?

What we do consistently, starting NOW, will help us to keep our dignity and independence in the future. Be PROACTIVE!

– Mandy Webb, KW Fitness Co-Owner