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Have you been thinking about getting a Personal Trainer, but you wonder if it’s right for you? Here’s the thing; having a great Personal Trainer isn’t cheap. Think about it; they should be tailoring your program specifically to you, they’re spending one on one time with you, they should have extensive knowledge & education to help you get results, and they should be making sure what you’re doing is effective and safe. They should also have a decent personality that makes you want to come back to each workout! So, how do you know when you should invest in a Personal Trainer?

1) Do you have a gym membership that you pay for monthly, but rarely go?

Does this sound familiar? We hear it often: “Yeah, I’ve had a membership at (Insert big box gym) for a while but I never go”! Did you know that most membership gyms know you probably won’t show up often when you sign up?! In fact, they would run out of space if every paying member showed up regularly! This is why most big box gym memberships are super cheap.

When you invest in a Personal Trainer, you typically make an appointment and it’s tough to back out of, like when you make a hair appointment or doctors appointment! When it’s in your schedule (and it’s not cheap!), you’re a lot more likely to show up.

2) When you DO go to the gym, do you only do the stuff you “like” to do or “feel comfortable” doing?

Not only do you do the stuff you “feel” like doing, but it usually takes you a lot longer to complete your workout because you don’t have a specific plan! Before I got into the fitness business, I was that person too. I would literally hop on the elliptical and watch tv until I felt like I did enough, maybe take a Zumba class here or there, and use a handful of the machines that I could kind of understand. How do you think that worked out for me?! It didn’t…

3) Are you unsure how to get the most out of your time at the gym?

There’s a misconception that you need to spend hours at a gym in order to get results, which is why some people end up not showing up when they have a membership somewhere because they feel like they “don’t have time”. This goes along with doing only what you’re comfortable with.

Are you unsure which exercises are the most effective and how to make the most out of your time while you’re there? You’re definitely a great candidate for Personal Trainer!

4) Do you have a specific goal to hit?

Did your doctor give you an assignment of getting your blood sugars down to a certain level (like our “Client of the Week”, Brenda, last week) before our next visit? Do you have a class reunion, an upcoming wedding, a grand baby on the way that you want to keep up with, or another specific event that you’d like to get in shape or healthy for? This is where it’s important to have expert advice and accountability, as well as a specific plan in place!

5) Do you have limitations/ailments and you’re afraid of getting injured?

This is one of the biggest challenges that prevents some people from even beginning their fitness journey; they’re afraid of injuring themselves because of an existing limitation, so they don’t even get started at all. This is our bread and butter here at KW Fitness; we often work with people who need help because they’ve had knee replacements, hip replacements, and all kinds of other surgeries! Our team is attentive and makes sure they know everything they need to know before even designing a program for one of our clients.

6) Do you feel uncomfortable exercising around a lot of other people or in a group?

Gyms can be intimidating- especially because there are already a lot of “fit” people there who seem to already know what they’re doing! Have you ever heard the comedian Jim Gaffigan’s talk about his feelings about the gym? It’s hilarious, you need to check it out! In part of it, he says “why are the fit, in shape people here? You’re already done!” I laugh every time I hear it. But in reality, it can be scary if you’re not sure what you’re doing, and being around a ton of other people is a huge turnoff for many.

I can’t speak for every Personal Trainer out there, but at KW Fitness, we take our time with hiring to make sure our trainers fit the whole package; our team is knowledgable, attentive, personable, and caring. We make sure they stay up on their education and they make a plan to get our clients results. They do assessments with each individual client every 4 weeks, they sit down weekly to discuss nutrition, and make adjustments along the way to help them stay on track!

Some people really don’t need to hire a Personal Trainer and they can do it on their own with the help of a great accountability buddy and a killer workout playlist! If that’s you, then AWESOME! If that’s not you, even if you don’t hire us, do yourself a favor and invest in your health & well being with a great trainer!

You deserve it and the future you will be so glad that you did 🙂