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If you’re part of the majority who has been stuck at home with nowhere to go right now (except for essential trips to the grocery store and to take out the trash), you may be having a tough time. If you’re fortunate enough to still be able to work remotely, you may also have a hard time feeling productive with the work you’re doing. It happens! Sometimes a task that should only take an hour can take 3 or 4 while you’re at home because, let’s be honest, there are plenty of things to be distracted by.

I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was 19, so in order to be successful, I had to stay self motivated and productive on my own! As someone who has spent a lot of time working remotely, I figured I would give some tips for helping you to stay on track! I also want to let you know that it IS possible to stay on track with your health and fitness goals from home too! Here are some tips that have worked well for our clients, that can also help with your work load.

Make A Plan 

Napoleon Hill said in his book Think And Grow RichA man without a plan is like a ship without a course. No place to go with disaster a probability”. 

As weird as it may seem while being at home, you need to have a plan going into the week. Have you had a week go by yet where you’ve wondered where it went and even though a lot happened, it still felt really unproductive, like you didn’t accomplish anything at all? That will usually happen if there is no plan in place.

Naturally, things are going to come up. You may also have children who are home right now, with school work and assignments to do. Not to mention, they often have a lot of energy to let out and need attention! Focus on the things you CAN schedule first.

Make a list of your priorities. When the week is over, what would you have liked to accomplish? Maybe it’s a project for work, 3 at-home workouts, eating healthy meals and making sure to get outside with the kids once a day. Put those things down in a schedule!

For your workouts: 

  • Designate your times! When are you most likely to get it done? Early in the morning? Later at night? Don’t count on doing it when you “feel like it” because that means it’s not a priority and it won’t get done. Make appointments for yourself and set a reminder on your phone!
  • Designate a workout space! Where you can get your workouts done without distractions? Where can you clear some space for yourself?
  • Find an accountability partner! Our clients are doing “remote training” with their KW Fitness Personal Trainers while we are temporarily unable to train them in person. They have someone to check in with them to make sure they’re getting their workouts done and staying on track with their nutrition! If you don’t have that luxury, find a buddy! Who can you share your health and fitness goals with? Who can you text before and after your workouts to let them know you’re staying on track? They should be positive and just as excited for you as you are for them!


For work: 

  • Designate “office space”! On the couch= DON’T DO IT! It may seem like a good idea because you’re nice and comfy, however It’s not the best working environment. Also, let’s be honest, Netflix tends to call your name when you plan to “work” from the couch! It’s going to take you much longer to get work done from there! Don’t you want to be productive and efficient, and move forward when you’re all done? I know I do!  I have 2 needy dogs and a 1 year old. When I have important work to do, I have my husband take the baby and lock myself in my basement workspace to keep myself undistracted.
  • Take breaks! It’s ok to schedule them for yourself! You’ll feel much more balanced and less stressed when you can give yourself permission to step away. Schedule reminders for yourself to get up and stretch, to drink water, to eat, and to step away from your computer. Your brain and body both deserve those breaks!


For your healthy meals: 

  • Plan your menu! Right now, it’s more important than ever to have a plan when you head to the grocery store. None of us want to spend more time than necessary at the store, and we want to make as few trips as possible! What healthy meals can you plan ahead?
  • Don’t buy junk! If it’s not in your house, you’re not gonna eat it!


Don’t beat yourself up if you fall off track

Like I mentioned above, things are going to come up. It’s ok if you get off track, its not ok to give up though! Take it one week at a time and remember; the only workout you’ll regret is the one you didn’t do! Dust yourself off and get back on that path! We are here if you need any support.

Thanks for reading!