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This is a great question to ask yourself: “Why should I invest in a personal trainer when I can just sign up at a gym?” Don’t get me wrong, going to the gym has it’s perks: You can show up whenever you want, you don’t have anyone pushing you, and you can use your favorite machines. Let’s be honest though- are you looking to go to a gym so you can be comfortable? Or do you want to get results? I’m assuming the latter. At KW Fitness, we often have clients who come to us because they’ve already tried everything. After following our programs, they get results. How do they get better results with us than just going to a “big box” gym?


At KW Fitness, Vestal NY’s Premier Personal Training Studio, we have our clients make appointments ahead of time. When you make a specific appointment for yourself, it’s much easier to stick to. Often times, people go to the gym when they “feel like it”, which doesn’t always end up happening.

According to a study done by, 67% of people with gym memberships never even use them!! In fact, many “membership gym owners” anticipate that the majority of their members won’t show up consistently. If they did, they would run out of space!! Why?! It’s mainly due to lack of accountability. At KW Fitness, Vestal NY’s Premier Personal Training Studio, our clients show up consistently because they are held accountable.



We only hire trainers who are positive and up-lifting. Working out on your own and having to keep yourself motivated can be difficult. Having a trainer will help keep you motivated, even when you’re not physically here! After working out with a trainer and putting in the effort, you’ll be more conscious of the other decisions you make for your body.

We also have an exclusive “KW Fitness Rockstars” group on Facebook, for our clients only. We post tips, quotes, updates and videos daily. Not only that, but our rockstars get to know their trainers on a personal level, so they can reach out to them anytime with questions.


A lot of people spend hours in the gym and don’t get results. Having a trainer will help you cut back on the time that you spend working out and make sure that you’re getting the most out of your time! At KW Fitness, Vestal NY’s Premier Personal Training Studio, our clients do 30 minute sessions and believe me, they get their butts kicked!!



This is probably the #1 reason why people come to us. Lack of knowledge can cause people to either do things improperly or not do anything at all. You can look up anything online, but when you work with someone who has the skill set and the knowledge to get you where you want to go, there’s no turning back. Proper form is a huge issue when people work out on their own. To be honest, I did “Insanity” on my own and, even though it’s a great program, I ended up having the wrong push-up form until I had the owner of KW Fitness, a Personal Trainer at Vestal NY’s Premier Personal Training Studio, show me how to do them properly!

Think about it: when you’re overdue for a haircut, do you look up tutorials on YouTube, or do you set up an appointment with your hair dresser? When your kids are sick, do you look up at-home remedies, or do you take them to see their doctor? When your plumbing is backed up, do you try to fix it yourself? Unless you’re already skilled in one of these areas, obviously contacting a professional just makes sense. It may cost more, but it’s worth it because you know the job is getting done the right way. 

Is it cheap to work with a trainer at our facility? No. Is it worth it? Absolutely. You’re worth the investment. Your body deserves to be taken care of- you only get one! And you have it for the rest of your life.

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Jim Rohn said “Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live”.

– Mandy Webb, KW Fitness