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There is so much information out there, telling you “if you just do this ONE THING, you will lose weight”! What do you believe to be true, and what is just another gimmick, preying on the vulnerable? I don’t know about you but it seems like I’m seeing SO MANY diet ads on my newsfeed lately.

There are some legitimate strategies that actually work for weight loss, for example:

  • Eating mindfully and slowly
  • Limiting your complex carb intake
  • Getting rid of processed foods
  • Eating more veggies
  • Eating more whole foods
  • Moving your body everyday

But what is the SECRET SAUCE that keeps us in business here at KW Fitness? Why do people hire us when they can clearly save money and just do what they know they’re supposed to do?

The “secret sauce” is ACCOUNTABILITY. Everyone knows WHAT they need to do to get results, but studies have proven that even the most well meaning, self motivated people need accountability.

Why does accountability work so well? When you have someone who is counting on you to show up and to check in, you don’t want to disappoint them. It also really helps to have a coach who knows what they’re doing so you can make the most of your time! Accountability helps you to be more efficient and effective. Humans need other humans. An app or a video is not the same. We thrive on connection, and accountability will never go out of style!

What should you look for in an accountability buddy?

1) Find someone who is encouraging and uplifting!

2) Find someone who won’t let you get away with taking shortcuts

3) Find someone who will support you through the tough times

4) Find someone who will celebrate when you WIN.

Our coaches are pretty awesome accountability buddies. Reach out if you need help! We want to help you WIN.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!- Mandy Webb, Co-Owner of KW Fitness