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Pat, who does our semi-private training here at our Vestal location, is an upbeat and positive influence to everyone around him, he truly is one of our star clients!

Huge shout out to Pat VanPutte for crushing his original goals! He has lost over 40 pounds and 17% body fat since he started with us back in October of 2016.

What an amazing job he has done over the past 8 months of training with us here at KW Fitness!

In his own words:

“The biggest challenge in my fitness journey has been learning to eat as a form of fuel for my body and not for the enjoyment of eating. I travel 4 to 5 days a week and truly enjoy the experience of fine dining. My eating habits were horrible. I have several physical limitations from sports related injuries that have made the process difficult to overcome. Since starting at KW Fitness my energy level has been great, but there are so many benefits to a healthy life style and losing over 40 pounds. When you know, you are looking good you truly feel good. I feel better mentally and physically. There is something to be said about confidence and although I am happy with my results I am not satisfied. I still have a lot of work to do to reach my overall objectives. Confidence has never been an issue for me, but when so many people take notice of the change that has taken place it is invigorating and increases my drive to achieve more. Prior to joining KW Fitness I had a plethora of ailments holding me back. My weight was out of control, my back and knees were always hurting, I had sleep apnea, I was a time bomb. Once I set my goals the team at KW worked with me to reach my objectives. If you are having similar challenges and are hesitant to starting a fitness program I will leave you with this… Look in the mirror and ask yourself if you are happy with your appearance and quality of life. When you are truly ready to change, and commit to yourself and the process you will be successful. It is truly up to you to commit to change and the challenges that you will incur through the process. Nothing feels as food as fit feels.”

You Rock Pat, we’re all so proud of you!

If Pat’s story resonates you will definitely want to learn more about out Nutrition program. Go here for a free consultation!