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Do you have a scale in your bathroom? Do you step on it everyday? Well STOP! Your weight will naturally fluctuate throughout the day, so weighing yourself daily can be detrimental to your psyche and your progress.

What’s in a number anyway? I find that so many people have a certain number in mind that they would like to get to, and they almost obsess about that number. I have fluctuated in my weight several different times, and I when I was at my lightest, I was definitely NOT healthy. At my healthiest, my weight is usually about 10 lbs. more than when I was at my “skinniest” and I’m totally ok with that!

If you’re working on your fitness and health, instead of focusing on the number on the scale, focus on these things instead:

1) How you feel

Do you have less aches and pains? Are you STRONGER? That’s a WIN!

2) How are your HABITS?

Did you say no to that cookie at the office? Do you drink more water now than before? Are you making smarter food choices? Do you say no to junk? Well that, my friend, is also a WIN!

3) Muscle tone and definition

Do you see definition that you didn’t see before? WIN!

4) Having more stamina

Is it easier to walk up & down the stairs, tie your shoes, play with your kid/grandkids, or take a walk around the block? HUGE WIN!

5) Better sleep

Is it easier to fall asleep? Do you find yourself getting better quality sleep! BIG WIN!

6) Clothes fit better

Are your clothes loser? Do they fit better? Is it time to go shopping?! WOOHOO!!! Often times, when we lose body fat and gain muscle, the scale doesn’t move but we notice by the way our clothes fit!

There are SO MANY non-scale victories that you can celebrate and focus on, rather than the number on that scale. Get rid of your scale! Exercising consistently has SO MANY benefits (better sleep, less aches and pains, more stamina, etc). Just because the scale doesn’t move every day doesn’t mean it isn’t working and you aren’t making progress.

What non-scale victories can you celebrate for yourself?!