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When we get our minds set on wanting to get healthy and in shape, we want to get there FAST. We want results NOW and we want them QUICK! You might even be willing to do whatever it takes once your mind is made up. Think about this, though; did that weight come on overnight? Or did it take years to add up?

Are you just starting your weight loss journey, or are you in the middle of it? Do you have a certain goal that you want to hit (for example, maybe you have a certain number of pounds you want to lose, or you would like to fit back into a specific pair of pants)? My advice to you is this; don’t set yourself up with unrealistic expectations. You will set yourself up to fail and be frustrated, and that’s the opposite of how you want to feel when you’re getting healthy and in shape!

There are a lot of determining factors that can effect how quickly you will hit your weight loss goals. Your health history, your starting weight, your past and current lifestyle (how active you were and are), your hormonal health, your genetics, your sleep habits, your stress levels, and your age can all significantly impact if you will lose weight quicker than your spouse or the person sitting next to you.

Many of these things are out of your control, however here are some of our suggestions for your that ARE in your control:

1) Pay attention to your habits

Your habits are ultimately what are going to help you get to your goal- whether those habits are good or bad. Are you making better food choices? Are you drinking more water? Are you getting enough sleep? What are the small consistent changes that you can make that will make a huge difference in your results?

2) Don’t just focus on the scale

We say this ALL THE TIME. The scale WILL fluctuate from time to time for different reasons (maybe you are retaining more fluid for whatever reason, or you gained muscle and lost body fat, etc), so weigh yourself less and pay attention to those habits instead (see above)! The number on the scale can be super frustrating, if you let it!

3) Recognize the small wins

What are some non-scale victories you can appreciate yourself for?! Write those things down in a journal! Are you feeling stronger? Do your clothes fit better? Have you been able to get rid of medications? Have you lost inches? Are you craving better quality foods? Are you able to go up and down the stairs without running out of breath? Is your blood pressure lower? Do you have more energy? There are SO MANY things to recognize and appreciate that will keep you motivated to continue your journey!

4) Don’t expect it to be the same every time you “weigh in” or assess your progress

What happens if you lose like 6 lbs in your first month, but then only 2 lbs in your 2nd month? That’s great! Progress is progress! Don’t expect your progress to be the same every single time, that’s just silly. Going into your journey, if you know and except that your progress and numbers won’t be the same every time, you’re a lot more likely to appreciate the progress that you are making. Even if you have an off week or even month, you’ll keep yourself motivated because you’ll know that this is a journey, NOT a sprint. Again, focus on your habits and not those numbers. Consistency is key! Different factors can contribute to how much or little weight you lose, and as long as you’re doing the right things consistently, you WILL get there.

5) Eat whole foods (the less ingredients, the better!)

Stay away from the processed stuff, fast food, convenience and snacky items. If it’s from a plant, eat it! If it was made in a plant, STAY AWAY. Processed junk has added preservatives that wreak havoc on your body (not to mention the SODIUM)! 

6) Exercise consistently

Add consistent exercise to your routine, if you haven’t already! Your body was designed to MOVE and it CRAVES exercise!! Start with 2-3 days a week at first and increase from there. What kind of exercise do you like doing? Do that! 

7) Don’t go the “quick fix” route

PLEASE do yourself a favor and STOP LOOKING FOR THE EASY SOLUTION. Weight loss and staying healthy is simple, but it’s not necessarily easy. If it was easy, everyone would be in perfect shape!! You better believe that when I have this baby in a few weeks, I’m going to be itching to get my body “back”, however I am realistic and I know that it will take time. I will be focusing on my habits and I know I’ll get there 🙂

8) Enjoy the process

HAVE FUN!! Exercise can be fun, especially if you find exercise that you enjoy. Feeling healthy Is FUN, so enjoy yourself and smile while you’re sweating! You will get there if you just stay the course. Set yourself up for success by doing the little things the right way, and give yourself realistic expectations.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this!- Mandy Webb, KW Fitness Co-Owner