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During these crazy times, now more than ever it’s important to do whatever we can to keep our immune systems strong (and to keep the people around us healthy)!

Here are some quick tips for how to do do that!

1) Wash Your Hands

The CDC recommends to scrub your hands for AT LEAST 20 seconds and not to take this lightly. There have been some funny memes going around on social media, suggesting songs you should sing in your head that equal about 20 seconds of hand washing! For example, sing “Jolene” by Dolly Parton, “Happy Birthday” twice, “Truth Hurts” by Lizzo, “Stayin Alive” by the BeeGees, etc.

2) Don’t touch your face

Your nose and your eyes are the most common places for germs to get into your body, so it’s best to avoid touching your face at all (that goes doubly for biting your nails, where germs can live) at least not until you’ve washed your hands!

3) Get enough sleep

It’s easier said than done for some, however there is a direct correlation with immune system strength and being tired! The more tired you are, the harder it is to fight sickness. Aim to get 7-8 hours of sleep per night. Listen to your body when it tells you it’s tired! If you need to, find a way to squeeze a nap in or go to bed earlier.

4) Eat fruits and vegetables

Eating more fruits and vegetables supports your immune system and gives your body a much better chance of fighting off sickness! Especially locally sourced fruits and veggies! Support your local farms as much as you can during these crazy times.

5) Workout regularly

Working out regularly enhances your immune function, which can help your body fight off any cold or flu germs! Exercise improves your overall fitness, which can help boost your immune system — the body’s defense against infections. Researchers have found that even just daily walking can lead to a higher number of white blood cells, which are your body’s immune system cells that fight disease!

According to “Medline Plus”, physical activity helps to flush bacteria out of the lungs and airways. This may reduce your chance of getting a cold, flu, or any other illness. Exercise causes changes in antibodies and those white blood cells. So now, more than ever, make sure you’re consistently exercises!!

6) Keep your distance from other sick people

This one might seem obvious, but this is why our community is taking extra precautions and temporarily banning large gatherings! Stay home when you can, for the time being, avoid buffets, public restrooms, and places that can potentially be overcrowded. Again, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly if you do think you have been around other sick people.

7) Keep hand sanitizer on hand

We know this stuff is a hot commodity at the moment, however you may not always have the ability to wash your hands! Look for alcohol-based wipes and sanitizer to make sure you kill those icky germs.

8) Quit smoking!

Smoking increases the risk of infections by making structural changes in the respiratory tract and decreasing immune response, according to a study of smokers and infection published in the Archives of Internal Medicine in 2004. Smoking destroys cilia, the little hairlike fibers inside our noses, which can help increase infection risks.

9) Smile more often!

It’s proven that happiness can help you fight off cold and flu germs!! Carl Charnetski, MD, professor of psychology at Wilkes University, found that positive thinking, playing with a pet, and other pleasurable behaviors boost your immune system—making it harder for viruses to stick.

Be conscious of what you’re focusing on and do more of what makes you happy. Are you spending too much time on social media lately or watching the news? We highly recommend that you cut down that screen time to give yourself a positive mental break!!

Thank you for taking the time to read this!- Mandy Webb, KW Fitness Co-Owner