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We live in a society that thinks backwards about health and wellness. For fitness professionals, it can be really frustrating to try to reverse thinking for people who have several years of bad habits to change. So many people (I’m guilty of doing this in the past) want results NOW, but aren’t willing to make the little changes that will go a long way. They make excuses and look for the easy way out, only to have the endless cycle start over again.

Ask yourself this question: “do I have a ‘diet’ mindset? Or a ‘healthy lifestyle’ mindset?”

If you have a “diet” mindset, you most likely will find yourself being frustrated when it comes to health and fitness. The “diet” mindset, whether you realize it or not, is short term, quick fix thinking. It tends to lead people down a path that goes nowhere.

You know you have a “diet” mindset when you focus on:

– Your bad habits
– Viewing food as “the enemy”
– Having a “finish line”
– The number on the scale
– Changes you’re making temporarily
– Things you don’t like about yourself

Having a “healthy lifestyle” mindset isn’t as instantly gratifying at first, which is why some have a hard time developing this attitude. It may be a little bit more challenging, and you don’t see results as quickly at first, but if you’re sick of yo-yoing and fluctuating back and forth, it’s important to think long term.

You know you have a “healthy lifestyle” mindset when you focus on:

– A life long journey
– Your daily choices
– Things that you want for yourself
– Your good habits
– Viewing food as fuel
– Non-scale victories

 Stop weighing yourself everyday, stop counting calories, and focus on your habits. If you want to make changes that will last long term, get rid of the “diet” mindset. Just like anything that is worthwhile, it may not be easy at first, but it WILL be worth it!!

If you want more help when it comes to changing your mindset and having a healthy lifestyle, you may need more accountability. Come speak with one of our Food Coaches!! Go here for a free consultation. YOU ARE WORTH IT!