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Today’s blog tip is a quick one but it’s SO important! Do you have pets? Do you have a baby or grand baby, or did you have babies at one point? Have you noticed the very first thing that they do when they wake up? They STRETCH!!

I’ve noticed with our 11 week old Chloe, when I lay her down to change her in the morning, she takes a solid minute or 2 to stretch her arms and legs.

I also see it every time our dogs wake up from a nap. They get a good stretch in before they go about their business! They stretch their neck. their back legs and their front legs, then they shake it out. I wonder why we stop doing that as we go about our lives? We should never be “too busy” to take care of ourselves!

According to the American Academy of Sports Medicine, stretching first thing in the morning can lead to the following benefits:

– improved posture

– fewer aches and pains

– increased blood flow

– better energy throughout your day

Have you also noticed how great it feels to stretch after a car ride or after traveling on a plane? It may look silly to do some basic stretches in an airport, but it’s amazing for you. Also, who cares what a bunch of travelers that you’ll never see again think of you?! 😉

So start your day off right by getting in some good stretches in the morning and you’ll be amazed by how you feel. Thanks for reading!