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4 Quick Tips For Taking Action!

One of our Core Values that we live by here at KW Fitness is “Commit To Taking Action”. I’ll be honest; I tend to be an “over-thinker” and “over-planner” sometimes. I’ve learned that we can make an elaborate, well thought out plan, but when it comes to taking action, we can fall short. It may sound like a good idea on paper or in our heads, but then moving forward with that plan doesn’t happen. Does that sound familiar?! Here at KW Fitness, we believe that taking action is the difference maker between turning a dream into a realistic, attainable goal. Here are my quick tips for “Taking Action”:

1) Stop seeking the perfect timing

I LOVE this quote: “Don’t wait until everything is just right. It will never be perfect.There will always be challenges, obstacles and less than perfect conditions.So what. Get started now! With each step you take, you will grow stronger and stronger, more and more skilled, more and more self-confident and more and more successful.” — Mark Victor Hansen

People tend to wait until the time is “just right”, or the perfect plan is in place, but they end up not even starting because the timing is NEVER going to be right!! It’s so much easier to make excuses than it is to just DO IT!

“It’s too expensive” <—- What’s more expensive: paying for your health NOW or paying for it later in medications, hospital bills, doctors visits, aches and pains, etc??

“What if I fail?” <—- What if you don’t even TRY?! 

“What if it doesn’t work?” <—- What if it DOES work?! 

“I’m going to wait until I get the motivation and ‘feel like it'” <—– you’ll NEVER “feel like it” 

“I’m going to wait until after Christmas/ Valentine’s Day/ My birthday/ Spring break/ Memorial Day/ 4th of July/ summer vacations/ when my kids are older/ Halloween/ Thanksgiving….” <—- there’s always an excuse!!

The list goes on and on….

Commit and take ACTION!

2) “Don’t think, just work”!

One of my former mentors taught me this. When I was running a different business and over-analyzing, she said “Mandy, you’re overthinking! Don’t think, just put your head down and work!”. It was the best advice I could’ve gotten that year!! When it comes to health and fitness, let the professionals do the thinking for you!

We live in a world where all sorts of advice is right at our finger tips. There is a lot of conflicting information out there, which can get confusing. Trying to put it all together all at once can be counter productive. Thinking of making a change in your health and fitness habits? Don’t think, let us make a plan for you that you can follow, specifically tailored to YOU! 🙂

3) Take personal responsibility

Another one of our Core Values at KW Fitness is “WIN By Taking Responsibility and Ownership For Success”. This is exactly what it says it is! Success is achieved when you take ownership. When you know that you and you alone have the power to make that positive change, that’s when you have taken responsibility and ownership for your own success!

4) Believe in YOU

As cheesy or cliche as it sounds, the best way to take action is to believe that you can be successful in the first place! Sometimes it’s easier said than done, but remind yourself that if other people can achieve success (whether it’s weight-loss success, business success, or something else), then you can too! Make the decision to START.

Also, don’t let your past determine where you can go. We’re still at the beginning of a clean slate. This is a brand new year. The past is the past, and you are 110% capable of making this year different! Believe in yourself and make it happen! 🙂

— Mandy Webb, KW Fitness