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This past Monday felt like the “Mondayest of Mondays” for me. Have you ever had one of those days?? I LOVE what I have the opportunity to do, and I have a fabulous life, however I had a ton of work to do, I got off to a late start, my daughter didn’t sleep well the night before (which means I didn’t either), and I was feeling super bloated and emotional from being pregnant. The LAST thing I wanted to do was workout.

Here’s the thing though: I had already committed to getting a workout in that day. If I couldn’t make myself do it Monday, how would the rest of my week reflect that?!

I gave myself a checkup from the neck up and made myself do my workout. I said to myself out loud “stop being a baby”, I shut my computer, I got myself out of my little funk, got over my “case of the Mondays” and got it done. Guess what?! I felt FANTASTIC after and I was SO PROUD OF MYSELF for doing it!!

We have all been there before, where we know we need to get that workout in, but we make every excuse NOT to do it. We are so good at making excuses, aren’t we?! We don’t “feel” like it, so we make our decisions based off of how we “feel” instead of based on what we SHOULD do. “I’ll do it tomorrow” is a dangerous conversation to have with ourselves…

If you feel like you’re in a “funk”, here are some quick tips for getting out of it:

1) Give yourself a “Check Up From The Neck Up”

Ask yourself: Am I basing this decision on how I FEEL? Or off of LOGIC? Obviously, if you’re literally in pain or you’re sick, don’t make yourself workout. Don’t be silly. However, if you’re sitting there, wallowing in self-pity, wishing you were eating ice cream or a donut instead, pull up your big girl or boy pants and GET THAT WORKOUT IN!

Below is a picture that our Operations Manager Cory shared with our clients and I LOVE it. It’s super relatable!

Don’t make excuses!! We can all MAKE time to scroll through social media and watch Netflix, so ask yourself, “Where are my priorities?”

2) Envision how you’ll feel AFTER

If you decide NOT to workout, even though you initially committed to doing it, how will you FEEL after you make that decision? Not so good. Have you ever exercised (even when you initially didn’t want to) and thought “wow, that was a terrible decision”?! Of course not! You’re always glad that you made it happen.

Literally close your eyes and envision how you’ll FEEL after your workout! Will you feel sweaty? Maybe a little sore? One thing I do know is that you’ll feel so proud of yourself for pushing through your excuses and making it happen!!


Just like Nike says, “JUST DO IT”. Force yourself to push through your self-pity, excuses, piles of paperwork and laundry, or whatever is holding you back, and DO IT!! When you make that decision, it’s going to make it so much easier next time to GET IT DONE because you will remember what that sense of accomplishment feels like!!

My advice? Get some sort of workout in TODAY, even if it’s just going for a walk, doing a small little circuit with your own body weight, or SOMETHING. This is the best way to kick off your week!

Thank you for taking the time to read this!- Mandy Webb, KW Fitness Co-Owner

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