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This topic may be a little off-putting for some because discussing the health of family members who have passed or are struggling can be a sensitive subject.
We often hear from someone on the phone or in a consultation say “I don’t want to end up like my parents” or “I had a scary doctor’s appointment, which is why I’m contacting you guys”.
We even have a client who had several immediate family members not even make it to the age of 50, so her mission is to change her trajectory.
In the book Can You Go by Dan John, he mentions:
“Longevity comes down to the basics…
It’s 50% genetics, 40% HABITS, and 10% luck”
Well, of course, there are things we CAN’T control.
And when I’m talking about luck, we’ve all heard the story of the woman in her 100’s who, when you ask her the key to longevity, she says “I ate Mac & cheese every day”, or the man in his 90’s who smoked cigarettes every day.
Let’s not focus on the things we can’t control.
Let’s say those stats are correct.
If 40% of your longevity is based on things you CAN control, don’t you think it’s a good idea to take a look at how your habits are impacting your health?!
It’s totally worth it.
You may be thinking this and reading “well it’s too late, I already have (INSERT PROBLEM) going on, so I can’t change anything”.
Here at KW Fitness alone, we have SO MANY CASE STUDIES showing people who have been able to change their trajectory, and even baffle their doctors, simply because of making the decision to change their habits.
Just to name a few:
⭐️A woman with cancer who was able to live longer than expected, after adding just 2 personal training sessions per week and watching what she eats.
⭐️A woman with osteopenia improving her bone density, adding muscle, and getting stronger, completely baffling her doctor.
⭐️A man, being told he needed weight loss surgery, who decided “NO, I’m going to take my health into my own hands”. He changed his eating habits, starting walking every day, and added strength training with a Personal Trainer twice a week, lost 100+ lbs.
⭐️A postpartum Mama who was depressed, feeling stuck, and didn’t recognize her own body anymore. Started strength training and healthy eating habits (while still enjoying herself here and there) and walking, completely transforming her mental health, confidence, and body composition.
⭐️A man, stuck to his chair, in constant pain and on medications for blood pressure and cholesterol, adding STRATEGIC MOVEMENT to his life (strength training and walking), now being able to get up and down off the floor and keep up with his grandkids, decreasing the amount of medication he’s taking, and FINDING HIS PEP IN HIS STEP AGAIN.
What are some habits that will make an immediate impact on your trajectory?
Consistent movement (even if it’s just 10 minutes a day):
– Going for walks
– Strength training at a level appropriate for you (investing in a knowledgeable Personal Trainer is ideal)
– Mobility exercises
– Improving balance and flexibility
What is the reason you would want to improve your health?
Dig deep and figure out what it is that’s going to keep you motivated to move forward, even when you don’t “feel like it”.
Future grandkids, improving your family tree, and making an impact on your loved ones are all great places to start.
More whole foods, less processed foods.
More fruits and veggies, and lean meats, and less convenience items that are pre-packaged and filled with salt.