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We get this question often: “What’s the best time of day to workout?!”

This is a legitimate question. You want to be efficient with your workout time, so why not get that workout in at the best time possible?!

The best time of day to workout is… (drumroll please)… the time that you’ll ACTUALLY DO IT!!

I know, I know… but there is no evidence that shows that 1 time of day is actually better than another! It really is about your personal preference and when you can actually make the time to get your exercise in!

For some, they prefer the mornings. They want to get it out of the way early, before work, before their day has happened to them. Some people feel more energized early on, and they really get the most out of their exercise time in the AM.

For others, they feel stiff and unmotivated in the morning. They aren’t “morning people” and would rather get it done mid-day or after work. Either way, whatever works best for you is what you should do!

Our advice is to try both at first. Try getting up 30 minutes earlier and exercising at home in the morning, and seeing how you feel throughout the day! If it’s not for you, switch it up. We just want you to exercise and move your body.