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You found it! The ONLY 100% GUARANTEED RESULTS Personal Training & Nutrition Programs In Vestal, NY and Fayetteville, NY, with many Body Transformations To Our Credit
“Are you ready to lose the belly fat, tone up those embarrassing problem areas and stand proudly in front of that mirror?”

We will help you achieve a whole new you.

Dear Soon-to-be-Success Story

This is it. This is the moment where you change your fate. This is the moment where you take the bull by the horns and completely change your life, your physique and your self-confidence and happiness. And we can help you do it. The truth is there are few things that compare to the way you feel…the sense of accomplishment, pride and confidence you get from having a body that looks great in sexy clothes, in your bathing suit at the beach, or in your full length mirror when you get out of the shower.

Let’s be honest. You’re here for a reason. You are not happy with the weight you’ve gained, you don’t like how you look and you don’t like how you feel. You can be moody or depressed at times and even your relationships might be suffering.

Add to that the fact that you’ve tried all the other things that don’t work:

1. Crash dieting:

Sure you might lose some water weight, but you will most definitely YO-YO and toss that weight back on. In addition, you’ll lose a lot of your lean muscle…one of your primary metabolic activators. This method is unrealistic.

2. Joined a gym:

When was the last time you went? Gyms not only don’t care when you come, but they like it. This makes them money and at the end of the day that’s what they care about….not your results.

3. Weight Loss Centers:

Pills, potions, and foods that you have to buy from them for a lifetime. Chances are it was extremely high-priced and it truly does nothing for you in terms of maintaining results over the long haul.

4. Doing it on your own:

I love the will power people have to go for it….the problem is that they lack in the necessary skills to create proper programs, they lack accountability and usually burn out or don’t achieve any results at all.

No matter what your current situation is, our team at KW Fitness is dedicated to helping you achieve this and we 100% guarantee that if you can just show up and follow the program, that you WILL get the results you want and the new, lean, toned, terrific looking body you deserve.

The Mental Snowball

If you're a normal person, you may occasionally catch yourself building a mental snowball. When a mental snowball starts to build up, it can feel impossible to get out of, or to muster up any sort of motivation to do anything positive. This strategy for getting rid of...

“Increase your results in Less Time!”

That’s right my friend, our Personal training programs are specifically designed to catapult your success and increase your results in less time. How do we do this? Read on to find out why our programs continue to deliver First Class fitness experiences and results.

Step #1: Specify Your Goals

This is first and foremost. You need to be specific about your goals, what you want to achieve, by when, and what actions we’re going to take to get you there. Defining your goals gives you the destination. Then we plot the fastest way to get you there.

Step #2: Evaluate and Assess

We love data and we track everything to ensure YOU are on track to achieving your goals and accurately measure results. Weight, Bodyfat, Circumference Measurements, Pictures and other assessment tools will let us know exactly where you are in relation to your goal and if we need to make any necessary adjustments as you progress (this is a critical step that most others leave out).

Step #3: Dedicated and Personalized Workouts

Group training is great, but really isn’t the perfect solution if you’re looking for really fast results. In your Personal Training sessions, our trainers will work with you, your key areas and trouble spots, giving you valuable one-on-one time that’s guaranteed to speed things up. During these sessions, you learn effective and proper techniques to take your fitness to the next level as well as all the necessary components of fitness that you will need to incorporate to be successful.

Step #4: Coaching, Training, Motivation and Accountability

You will get all of the expert coaching, training and advice you need from our personal trainers. Plus, the camaraderie and relationships you will build with those “sharing in your pain” are incredible. The atmosphere, environment and supportive nature of our fitness studio is unparalleled in our industry and yet another reason why we continue to excel in delivering great results. Not to mention that we take your results very seriously which is why we will hold you extremely accountable to your program so you get the results you desire….don’t worry, we’ll still have fun.

Step #5: Creating a fat-burning machine

It’s time to crank that metabolism if you’re ready to put in the work. Focusing on maintaining and building your lean muscle will turn you into a fat-burning machine. No, ladies this is not going to make you a bodybuilder…it’s just going to give you the lean, tight and defined body that you want….you do want that right? You see, most people focus on nothing but cardiovascular conditioning when trying to drop pounds and get in shape and while some aspect of cardio is an important component, nothing could put you further from your results. Have you ever noticed that these people don’t really “look fit?” How they have a tendency to gain all of that weight back? This is because they continue to lose their muscle tissue and all of its fat and calorie burning goodness. With our semi-private training program we focus on all of the essential resistance training movements and exercises that will help you build and maintain that lean muscle which will give you the metabolic boost you need and help you burn calories and fat 24/7 and make you look damn good to boot.

Step #6: 1-on-1 Re-assessment Every 4 Weeks

This is the game-changer. This is how we ensure that you are staying on track with your results and continue to “dial-in” your personalized program, optimizing it as we move forward. This is such a HUGE component of your success and is usually completely overlooked by most other fitness programs. Each and every month we will re-evaluate all of your measurements and assessments and take a good, hard look at the goals you have set for yourself for the past month, 3 months, etc. We will then determine if the action steps required to achieve them have been successfully fulfilled on your end. After all, if you’re not taking action on specific things each and every month to achieve your goals, how can you be successful? As a team, we will help you overcome any challenges you are having and find solutions to be successful. This is the only way to achieve maximum results in minimum time.

The Mental Snowball

If you're a normal person, you may occasionally catch yourself building a mental snowball. When a mental snowball starts to build up, it can feel impossible to get out of, or to muster up any sort of motivation to do anything positive. This strategy for getting rid of...

6 MORE Reasons to Start one of our Personal Training Programs

1. Start Getting Results Fast!

With our customized programs, you will start seeing results fast. That means actual see-it-in-mirror changes in all of those pesky problem areas. Every client that has followed the program has achieved great success.

2. Weekly Nutritional Assessments and Food Journal Accountability

As you know, nutrition is the secret weapon of health and fitness, and most other personal trainers, fitness boot camps, and health clubs do not give it the time or attention it deserves. Half the time they don’t even bother talking about it! During each of your training sessions, your personal trainer will review your KW Fitness and Nutrition Log to hold you accountable to implementing the correct nutritional choices that will help you achieve your fitness goals. This high level of accountability is one of the main reasons our members love their program and why you will continue to get fast results and continue to make the necessary lifestyle changes to not only achieve but also maintain your awesome results for life!

3. New, Challenging Workouts Every Time!

No more boring gym routines. We keep things fresh and new so you have FUN when you workout and get great results while doing it. By changing your workouts, your body will never be able to adapt to a particular routine allowing you to become a fat-burning inferno. Plus, if it’s fun, then you will want to come back for more and more…no matter how much you may sweat.

4. Private Facebook Group for Personal Training Clients Only

As a special, VIP client, you will have access to a Private Facebook Group reserved only for our personal training members. Ask questions, post your progress and share stories with all of our clients and take strength in their support. Plus, with the expert advice of not just one, but all of our personal trainers, you will have unmatched service as well as the knowledge and tools to help you obtain awesome results.

5. Feel Great About Your Accomplishment:

If you’ve struggled with weight loss and fitness in the past, then rest assured that ends now!

  • Do you want the energy to meet all the demands on your life and time?
  • Do you want to zip through your day, blasting past co-workers or even out-running your kids?
  • Do you want to perform at optimum capacity, running your internal engine hard and fast all day long, effortlessly accomplishing twice as much without the stress – and with a permanent, real, enthusiastic and contagious smile on your face?
  • Do you want to feel like a million bucks from sun-up to sun-down and well into the evening, then sleep like a baby, waking up totally recharged, rejuvenated and ready to go?

6. Money Back Guarantee? We Got One.

There are a lot of fitness programs out there but not many that put their money where their mouth is. Our promise to you? Follow our program in its entirety for 90 days and if you don’t look better and feel better than when you first walked in our doors then we’ll issue you a full refund no questions asked. It’s time for you to take the next step, experience KW Fitness and get the results you deserve!

I look forward to seeing you!
To your success

The Mental Snowball

If you're a normal person, you may occasionally catch yourself building a mental snowball. When a mental snowball starts to build up, it can feel impossible to get out of, or to muster up any sort of motivation to do anything positive. This strategy for getting rid of...