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Of all the things I have tried to do to stay in shape, having a personal trainer is the best way I have found so far. Having someone to encourage, supervise and keep you on-track is amazing. Kevin at KW Fitness is making me really work and wow, do I need it! He is brilliant at what he does. He can get every muscle in shape and it’s easy to tell this because you feel all of them after working out under his supervision. And he does this with very little fancy machinery. The workouts have been so good, that I have suddenly remembered, not just all the things I used to be able to do easily, but that great feeling you get after working up a real sweat. I’m working toward changing those “used to” things into “can do again” things like being able to squat without knee pain or being able to run (I used to be on the track team in high school!)
Gay C. Age 54 | Endicott
I just want to tell anyone who may be thinking of getting a trainer that Kevin is the best choice. I have been seeing Kevin for about 2 months now and heis an awesome trainer!!!! He really knows what he is doing and works hard to make sure his clients get the best workout possible. I'm older and he encourages me and helps me when I feel I can't do anymore. I made a great choice by choosing him and getting my health back!!!! Last month I lost 8 pounds!
Tiffany H. Age 42 | Chenengo Bridge
If you are thinking about getting a trainer, I would recommend Kevin. I've been working out with Kevin for 11 weeks and I feel great. He's motivating and helpful and I've lost 30 pounds. Give yourself a gift and call!
Terri H. Age 50 | Binghamton
Hiring Kevin as my Personal Trainer has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I was hopeless at maintaining a fitness program on my own. Kevin has put together a varied program that challenges me to do enough to improve my overall strength and flexibility, without discouraging me. He encourages and motivates me and I look forward to every workout.
Kathy B. Age 66 | Hillcrest

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