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We’ve been getting tons of inquiries about our 28 Day Balanced Habits Kickstart™ starting on January 19th, and we are super excited!

We have only limited spots left, so I wanted to reach out to make sure you don’t miss your chance if you’re on the fence.

Here’s what you’ll gain by participating in this challenge:

  • Full Nutrition Program
  • Personalized Portion Education
  • Exercise Regiment
  • Guaranteed Results

Huge shout out to Ramona Shuba for surpassing her original goals! She has lost 51 pounds and 13 % body fat since she started with us back in September of 2015.

What an amazing job she has done training with us here at KW Fitness!

Ramona, who does our semi-private training here at our Vestal location, is a pleasure and inspiration to others with her outstanding successes!

In her own words:

“The biggest challenge in my fitness journey was believing I could change myself, lose the weight and be able to workout. My energy levels are now off the roof, I’m able to do things with my body I could never have done even 20 years ago. I had a hard time walking stairs due to nagging injuries that seemed to never get better because of the weight. I used to not even look in the mirror or at pictures of myself. My best friend used to tell me I wasn’t fun to shop with anymore and that’s when I knew I needed to make a change for the better. I now feel the best I have ever felt and stronger than ever, do this for yourself, you will never regret it!”

Great job, Ramona, we’re all so very proud of you!

If you’re interested in writing your own success story, we have our 28 Day Balanced Habits KICK START!

If you are interested in learning more please visit our page by clicking here. 

Current members can participate for $199 with the added benefits of…

  • Additional Accountability
  • Additional Workout Sessions
  • Recipies Galore!

The Investment for non-members is $229.

For any friend, family member, or co-worker you refer (whether you are a member or non-member) who signs up for the challenge, you’ll receive $20 off!

For more information or to register, visit or call us at (607) 217-7634! Or, simply send an email to me at, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

We can’t wait to support you through this process as you set, work toward, and reach your goals! All that’s required is your commitment to take action and follow the plan. This program will sell out, so be sure to jump on this right away!

Yours in Health,

Kevin Webb
Owner, KW Fitness